Law Consultants Services & Co - 2008




The cost for the constitution of the same one is for the sum of US$1,156.00, and it includes:

a.       Writing constitution (in Spanish).

b.      Official translation to the Englishman (English) of the Writing constitution.

c.       Agent Residente (the first year).

d.      Office of Record.

e.       Directors' option Nominated (US$80.00 each Director).

f.       Letters of resignations of the directors, without date and before signed.

g.      Certificates of Actions(Shares) "Al Portador" or Nominal that the client designates.

h.      The first Minute of the Board of directors (where the subscribers resign his right to have an action each one.

i.        The Only rate the first year.

j.         Certificate of existence of the society.

k.       Currier     

Other Services not included in the package

 As the opening of the Corporate Bank account Offshore, it has a Cost USD1,000.00, which includes:

· Access to the account for Internet using a protected password and user's Identification. 
· Investments of term deposits (Certificates of Warehouses (Deposits).