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Companies in Panama


The Republic of Panama is a country with a mechanism for rendering services in a very efficient and manner, mainly in all related to the incorporation of entities, offshore companies and other type of entities. The most commonly used are the corporations, mainly used as offshore companies, and know in other revenues as IBC S. They are regulated by Law No.32 of february 26th of 1927, which allows development of International Corporate Services, leaving the Republic of Panama into one of the major worldwide offshore services providers.  The Panamenian companies offer a lot of benefits to its shereholders, as to mention among them the easy and broad development of its commercial activities, flexibility, confidentiality and tax benefits, sice will only be subject to tax payment that income generated in the Republic of Panama.


In the Republic of Panama, it will be subject to income Tax payment only that net income generated from operations carried out within the Panamenia territory. All income generated from offshore operations, will not be considered as Panamenian source income, consequently, they will not be subject to taxation according to our tax law.